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The Great Pivot - How to Quit Your Job, Follow Your Calling, and Be Happy

Episode Summary

Listen in while Robin & Paula discuss how to know when it's time to take the leap from a full time career to entrepreneurship and what you must have for support when it's time.

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About Paula

Paula Shepherd is a Certified Confidence Mindset Coach helping women find their voice, learn to use it, and stop settling. 

Paula spent 20 years in Corporate America before leaving a six-figure management position to pursue her vision of every woman everywhere silencing self-limiting beliefs and becoming fearless. 

She now shows female entrepreneurs how to show up courageously and step into their confidence so they can finally start connecting with their people, making sales, and taking back control. Get to know Paula in her free Facebook Group:


Paula began college to earn a degree in music but opted for a job that was more profitable. She found herself unfilled and so, she pivoted! 

Paula advises that when you pivot, you need support. You need people who can relate to the experience you're in the middle of.  Your inner critic will tell you that you're making a mistake and you'll need reassurance. 

Women in 9-5  job often pivot to Network Marketing because it seems less risky. Systems are in place, nearly all logistics have been handled but, someone else still tells you what to do. 

Moving to Network Marketing actually just fills the gap between where you were and where you want to be - the place where you and your soul light up!

Before you make the 'big change', Paula suggests that you:

Most people think they don't know how to make the leap and this is exactly why you need a coach. You don't necessarily need a business coach but you do need someone who can listen to you and allow you to be innovative and creative. 

When you're innovative, you become your own brand and not a copy of someone else.

Finally, MINDSET is the critical foundational needed to pivot. You must be able to show up with the right energy everywhere you go and in every conversation.