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Setting SEXY Goals & Overcoming What Stops You with Jenessa MacKenzie

Episode Summary

Listen in as Robin & Jenessa talk about stepping through limiting beliefs, setting SEXY goals that motivate you and getting realistic about goal achievement & what it really means.

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About Jenessa

Jenessa is a Business Coach & Brand Strategist, and host of the Elevate Podcast helping coaches, course creators, healers, creative entrepreneurs and online experts who are ready to tap into their true badassery and create and grow powerful brands that attract their soulmate clients and make sales fun & easy. She specializes in supporting women entrepreneurs who are ready to end their battle with self-sabotage, regain their kick ass confidence and create the business and life of their dreams.


Managing Mindset - It's the work we have to do to be successful in business. 

We resolve or shift through things like imposter syndrome or 'not enough'. Then, when  they show up again at the next level we recognize them for what they are. 

To shift limiting beliefs, we have to feel them so we can know and accept them.

The question is: what action can you take today (to move through the limitations). Plan the next step to take to get through the limitation. 

The next step is the hardest but once you've taken it, you realize it was doable. The more confidence you have and the more liberated you feel.

When you do this, you prove to your brain that the belief is not true.

Sexy Goals:

S - Simple - Simple - not necessarily easy

E  - Executable

X  - Exciting  You need to be excited about it

Y  - Why do I want this?

The WHY has to be compelling enough to keep you committed.