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Serena Curran on the ReCreation Revolution: BEing You in Business to Create Impact & Income

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Listen in as Serena and Robin talk about re-creating who we are, how we do business and the world in which we live. They also talk about creating an aligned business and using it as a vehicle for creating the world you want to see.

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About Serena

Serena Curran guides spiritual entrepreneurs, change makers, healers, and visionaries to stop feeling confused, overwhelmed, and underachieving. She leads her clients into claiming their freedom, designing and expanding their business so that it feeds their soul and creates impact and income without sacrificing their well-being.

As a leader of the ReCreation Revolution, she has over 25 years experience as a serial international entrepreneur, healer, and teacher. Serena has compassionately led hundreds of business owners to breakthrough to their next level in business with ease.

She nurtures, supports, and guides her clients through the Akashic Records flavored with Quantum Human Design, astrology and various healing modalities.  She offers both one on one and group programs.


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The RE-Creation Revolution is about recreating who we are and how we do business to create the world we want to see. 

  1. See yourself as on a mission to bring your gifts to the world
  2. Let that mission lead you forward
  3. Reinventing who you are being—in alignment with your soul and your evolved self
  4. Design a business around you and what you love-letting go of prescriptive strategies and reconditioning from disempowering beliefs
  5. Expand  into a bigger version of yourself and a bigger vision for your business
  6. Use the vehicle of your business to create impact and income-spiral relationship
  7. Use the way you do business, with your values to create the world you want to see.