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Music & the New Case for Creativity

Episode Summary

In this episode, Robin interviews her long-time friend & mentor, Neil Moore. Neil is the Founder of the Simply Music Institute of Learning & Education. He is also the creator of the Simply Music Piano Method. Neil was born in 1957 in Melbourne, Australia, and began studying piano at the age of 7. He has spent most of his life actively involved in ‘playing-based’ music learning. Neil composes and arranges much of the music used throughout the Simply Music Piano Program. In addition to curriculum development, Neil’s most extensive field of focus has been the training and coaching of piano teachers. Currently, Neil guides the direction of the organization and advises on its executive operations.

Episode Notes

You can find Neil and the Simply Music Piano Method at

Show Summary

Music and the New Case for Creativity

1. Playing music gives us access to self expression and creativity.

2. There is a myth in our culture that some people are creative and others aren’t.

3. The failure rate of traditional music learning is very high.

4. Neil believes everyone, without exception is profoundly musical.

5. We demonstrate daily that we have mastery over complex musical concepts.

6. Seeing music as shapes and patterns uses neural pathways and allows for people to connect with their natural musicianship.

7. Playing music involves almost every part of the brain.

8. The critical currency of the future isn’t bitcoin, it’s creativity.

9. Access to creative capacity comes directly from learning music.

10. The ability to recognize opportunity comes out of our creative capability (key takeaway!)

11. Music learning impacts the brain more than any other art or sport.

12. Learning music (in the playing-based way which involves seeing music as shapes and patterns) is essential neurological nutrition for anybody at any age.

13. There’s a massive difference between having a creative outlet and having an impact on the brain.

14. Nothing impacts the brain in the same way that music learning does.  

15. It’s the WAY that we learn music that is critically important.

16. We need to transform our approach to learning music.

17. Simply Music gives people immediate access to playing the piano and the playing-based approach is well suited to the way our brain learns and works.

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